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You can join the List now.But here are the short rules.
If your Forum or Website is not Nintendo Based or have something Nintendo on it then it will not get in.

1 Neutral Zelda 101 - Stats

We cover Nintendo Entertainment System all the way to the Nintendo Switch.

Category: Nintendo Sites
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2 Neutral Gamepayne - Stats

This is Gamepayne, we have everything you will want.

Category: Nintendo Sites
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3 Neutral The Brawl Arena - This site is everything Smash Bros related.
Category: Smash Bros Sites
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4 Neutral Zelda 101 Forums - This is our Forums or Message Boards if you want to call them that.
Category: Forums
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5 Neutral Cloud Loves Nintendo - Well, what is the purposed of this old fashion site? Well...called me retro lady or whatever. You must admit retro games are it. Well, in my mind. You might love it or hate it.
Category: Nintendo Sites
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